Money Coaching for Parents

Find ease and flow around money for yourself and your family with this 8 week program.

Financial health starts with mindset.

Much of what we learn about money growing up teaches us to fail. Instead of learning about finances, we learn about money. If we have it we're successful. If we don't, we're not. We compare ourselves to others, spend money we don't have, disagree about priorities for spending, and feel unsupported by policies that favor the wealthy. 

Money is a measure of happiness.

Just like believing we will be happy when we reach a certain height or weight, we have similar thoughts about money.  "If I only earned more or saved more or gave more, I would feel better."

Money is complicated. 

The financial system can be confusing, overwhelming, and not easily navigated. The math we learn in school doesn't prepare us to read balance sheets, invest in the stock market, or how to navigate a budget.

Money is mysterious.

Talking about money is uncomfortable or simply "not done" in many households.  We're told "don't stress or worry about money" when what we really want is clarity, empathy, and facts.

Money is stressful.

Conflict around money in families can damage relationships and teach our children money is stressful, when, in fact, we just don't have the tools for leveraging the shared strengths of our home team.

The #1 issue couples fight about or
avoid talking about is money.

It doesn't need to be.

The Positive Money Program provides relief now and for generations to come.

A positive relationship to money means you have the mindset, habits, and tools to navigate challenges and take thoughtful action.

Positive Intelligence

Experience the power of Positive Intelligence to identify your money saboteurs and to access the powers of empathy, curiosity and  resilience. We use  this powerful platform and tools to build the foundation of a money practice that works for you and your family. 

Individual or Group

Transform your relationship to money and meet goals with coaching one-on-one or in small groups. In this case, we use a pod format to engage the learning from others and to stay accountable. This is a first step in letting go of our fear and shame as we take positive action. 

8 Weeks & Live Training

Your guide and champion Cindy Morgan-Jaffe meets with you weekly to review progress. Together, you work through her signature framework developed over the past 20 years of experience in career and leadership development for adults and youth. 

A positive relationship to money means you have the mindset, habits, and tools to engage the part of your brain that helps you navigate challenges and take thoughtful action. 

Interested in coaching?

Programs start on a weekly basis and have a set weekly schedule designed to fit the needs of the participants. Coaching is conducted virtually. Pricing options include one-one-one coaching or groups with breaks for couples and families, and for those in financial need. 


 "Working on our relationship to money has resulted in significant and positive changes in our household  including me making over six figures in my business."

Nikki Bradley

 "I believe that kids appreciate possessions they’ve earned through allowance. Cindy’s approach to money is a real eye-opener and her advice is solid.

Julie Humes

 "Our mom taught us the value of talking about money and the need to understand the systems we live in. She is an tireless advocate for this work.

Rose, Anna, & Claire Jaffe