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Money is often a divider, especially around economic status, values, and vision for what defines success. In this community, we are all about making positive connections to one another and the mission of Pizza Money Camp. We are working toward a vision where all of our kids have  access to financial education, diverse perspectives, and tools they need to navigate through what can seem like a world stacked against them. 

Facebook Group

If Facebook is your jam, join us over at the Money-Smart Parent Group. This is a private group to help members feel more comfortable posting questions. We broadcast the "Pizza Money for Parents Series" here weekly as well as other tips and resources. 

Community for Campers

If you purchase a course or project here, you will have a login you can use to access the community for campers. When you login, you can join different communities depending on your interest. The page only shows up for logged in users.  

Rules of engagement

We expect all community engagements to be respectful of one another and to the creators of this platform. Our mission is to create the next generation of money-smart kids so ask those invested in this mission to making positive contributions that lift up the community as a whole. 

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