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Your child learns about money and you sleep better at night. 

🍕Pizza Money Camp for Ages 9-11 teaches the basics of earning, spending, saving, and giving through fun activities, family engagement, and counselor support. Campers find daily activities online that keep them busy for an hour a day offline as they explore their home and community environment in search of meaning and skills around money. 

 "As a single mom, I learned how critical it was to teach my children about money. Now my grandson has earned enough to buy an IPAD by age 6! I am a huge fan of Pizza Money Camp and all Cindy does to promote financial education." 

Julie Humes- Entrepreneur and Grandmother

 "Our daughter was so excited to do Pizza money Camp! She talked about Ms. Cindy every day and how she made the activities fun.  She loved the videos and how the lessons were taught in a way that she could understand money and talk to us about what she learned.  We were able to have conversations with her about the new skills she was learning like how to keep track of the money and to buy the different things we need as a family.  She will be able to use this for the rest of her life." 

Nikki Bradley - Entrepreneur and Parent

We want our kids to grow up happy and financially independent.
Yet -- over 50% of us don't...

...feel prepared with the knowledge and skills to guide them much less manage our own finances effectively.

...let our  kids manage their own money. to our kids about money matters.*

*T. Rowe Price Tenth Annual Parents, Kids & Money Survey Report 2018 

A yummy pizza starts with good dough.

Pizza, like money,  comes in all shapes and sizes and starts with the right ingredients and conditions. When your child learns the basics of money in Pizza Money Camp, they are better prepared to create a life (the sauce and toppings) that fit who they are and what they need to thrive. 

When our kids don't get money practice...

53% spend their money
as soon as they get it.

64% say they expect their parents 
to buy them what they want.

56% still rely on their parents
for support when they leave home.*

*T. Rowe Price Tenth Annual Parents, Kids & Money Survey Report 2018

Money mindset and behaviors are learned early.
Pizza Money Camp gives campers the skills, knowledge, and practice they need to be money-smart. 

Camp Schedule & Activities

Pizza Money Camp is divided into four weeks of activities focused around earning, spending, saving, and giving. Campers access a daily challenge via the online SeeSaw platform and complete  it offline as much as possible using their creativity, skills, and curiosity.  Expect one hour per day, feedback on submissions, and weekly live question and answer with the Camp Director, Cindy Morgan-Jaffe.

Session I - June 1 - 29, 2021
Session II - July 5 - 30, 2021*

*This is when camp is in session meaning they have live support. Camper access and materials are available for one year from enrollment with the option of participating  at their own pace.

Week 1 - Earning
Campers explore different ways to earn and jobs and careers in their communities. The objective for this week is for campers to realize they can earn money at their age using the skills and resources available to them. Topics include: The job or career for me. How to boost our earning power. Family earning history.

Week 2 - Saving
Campers learn how money grows, different ways to save, and what smart money habits look like. The objective of this week is to learn the benefits of delayed gratification and how money can grow over time with smart money habits. Topics include: How behavior impacts saving. Investing and the stock market. Growing money with interest.

Week 3 - Spending
Campers learn about budgets and the differences between wants and needs in driving spending. The objective of this week is to connect campers to the real world of spending in their own homes and how we make spending decisions. Topics include: Difference between credit and debit. Debt and what to do with it. How budgets help manage our money.

Week 4 - Giving
Campers learn about philanthropy and charities and the giver in each of us. The objective of this week is to help campers understand the different ways we give including volunteering our time as well as donating money. Topics include: The role of charities and philanthropy. Different ways to give. The giver in all of us.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Know the difference between a want versus a need. 
  2. Know the difference between a job and a career. 
  3. Know the difference between credit and debit.
  4. Know the definition of a charity vs. philanthropy.
  5. Know the difference between a bear and bull market.
  6. Know what a budget is and how it is used.
  7. Know about interest and the value of saving. 
  8. Know about money habits and those that are positive versus negative.
  9. Know about values and how they drive money decisions and actions.
  10. Know what it means to be money-smart.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Pizza Money was inspired by combining all we love about pizza and money. Both come in different shapes and sizes, appeal to a wide range of people, and show up together in the common refrain you might hear from a group of high school students "Do we have pizza money?      

 Cindy Morgan-Jaffe is the creator of and instructor for this course.  She is a nationally certified financial educator, money coach and has a masters in education and human development. She has also raised five kids, been an entrepreneur throughout her life, and is passionate about this work.   

 No worries! The camp is self-directed meaning campers go through at their own pace. They can catch up as activities are designed to take about an hour a day or less. Access to the camp is available for a year after the date of purchase.  

Yes! We will run several sessions this summer in different formats. 

Get it. Trust us. We designed activities to be done as much offline as possible and to engage other people whether they are family or community members. Also, this is a great opportunity to talk about how technology is giving us tools for managing our money as well as talk about how we learn best. There is always a gift and opportunity is almost all we do. 

The instructor provides a daily recording giving further guidance on the activity. Also, students can send questions through the SeeSaw application as can family members who subscribe on the app. Finally, a weekly live check-in with the instructor is part of the program. 

Activities are designed to engage campers at whatever level inspires them. The intention is about an hour a day though it can vary. Some campers like  certain activities more than others which is helpful to see what interests them. The SeeSaw platform provides options to respond via video, recording, writing or artwork so they can be creative!

The Pizza Money Camp curriculum is age appropriate and drawn from certified sources such as the National Financial Education Council and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Activities encourage asking questions and using creative and critical thinking.

Yes. Once you are signed up, you are given access to a password protected area for Pizza Money Campers that includes general information for campers and their families. 

Because the learning is camper driven, the choice to skip an activity is up to them. However, activities can relate to one another as a theme so we hope campers don't skip, especially just because they feel like it. 

No. Activities are reviewed by the instructor and campers receive comments and feedback designed to encourage the value of inquiry and learning both from the process and the results.

The first Pizza Money Camp is for 9-11 year olds though future Camps are planned for other ages. Let us know what you want and need in the community.

On the fence?
Is this a good fit?
Are the counselors nice?
Will they make friends?
Will I be able to get something done while they play and learn?
Is this the best way to spend our $$$?

We get it! As parents, we're...

➡️ pulled in lots of directions
➡️ wearing many hats
➡️ worried about computer fatigue
➡️ want our kids to get up and move around
➡️ wish there was more financial education in schools

We've thought of that and...
✅ designed activities to be done offline as much as possible
✅ made it so activities can fit into your schedule
✅ used the most kid and learning friendly app as possible so campers and their parents can engage all learning modes

Having said that, I'm happy to chat for 15 minutes. 

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Camper Resources

🍕20 activities divided into earning, spending, saving, giving categories
🍕Daily prompts and feedback from Camp Director
🍕Weekly live check in with Camp Director
🍕Access online via SeeSaw platform used by schools nationwide
🍕Parent access to camper submissions
🍕Dedicated camper community
🍕Unlimited access to course materials for one year
🍕Lifetime access to premiere pricing for other Pizza Money Camp courses

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