Learn How to Earn, Spend,
Save, and Give.

Pizza Money Camp for Ages 9-11 now open for enrollment. 

Start your pizza money fund today.  

Our camp for ages 9-11  is our signature course because this is a critical time developmentally. This is when connections to the larger world start to form, and when kids are inspired to start a business or understand the why and how of money. If we can spark an interest in the magic of money to foster independence, creativity, and resilience, we are off to a good start. 

Camp for Ages 9-11

Pizza Money Camp for ages 9-11 is our foundations course. Campers learn about earning, spending, saving, and giving via the interactive online SeeSaw platform. The camp is open for three four week sessions with one hour of activity per day and weekly live calls. ➡️

Activity Bundles

Starting this spring 2021, we will be producing age appropriate activity bundles for families to help them engage their kids around money. Follow us on social media to grab tips and guidance or reach out with questions. Our goal is to have content for ages 3-23.  ➡️


Cindy Morgan-Jaffe is the lead teacher, course creator, and coach for Pizza Money Camp. She brings her expertise as a certified financial educator, money coach, and parent with a masters in education and human development. Learn more. ➡️

When kids experience earning power at this age, it helps them see how their unique skills and interests can be of value to others. 

Enrollment now open for Pizza Money Camp for Ages 9-11. First  session starts June 1, 2021.

Enrollment for this virtual camp opens on April 1st with early bird specials through April 16th.