What is Pizza Money Camp?

Let’s talk money.

My Story: I had no idea how much my relationship to money held me back or caused me pain. I had always earned, got married and had kids, and balanced work and family life. Then I got divorced. Then I bounced between full time work and starting a business. Then I struggled to balance my high achiever with being a mom of three daughters. Then I met my partner and we started a life together, blending a family and raising a set of twins.

Patterns of under earning nipped at my heels, even while "getting an A" in my work with clients. It wasn't until I woke up one night in a sweat, did I realize, "I expected someone else to take full responsibility"when it came to money. I expected someone else to do the heavy lifting, take care of complicated money decisions, take care of me. Wow. This was when I knew I needed to understand why I never got past the first chapter of my financial books.

This was the beginning of my journey into money work and why I founded Pizza Money Camp. 

Pizza Money Camp is a safe, positive, and practical 
way to learn about money. 

Cindy Morgan-Jaffe, M.Ed., NCC, PRC, CPRC is a mom of five, was raised in the mountains of Wyoming, and has over 30 years of experience as an educator, designer, trainer, and coach.

πŸ• Too many of us expect our financial lives to be taken care of by someone else, even if we're earners!

πŸ• Too many of us feel guilt and shame around our lack of financial literacy or success.

πŸ• Too many of us struggle to talk about money in our relationships much less work together effectively.

πŸ• Too many of us wish financial education was taught more in schools as a fundamental competency.


Cindy is a certified life and money coach as well as financial educator. She is also a professional recovery coach and recently retired from a position running leadership programs for senior executives across the federal government. Cindy also has a masters of education and human development from George Washington University. 


Cindy has raised five children, gone through a divorce, and navigated the balance of career  and family life. She's been an entrepreneur from when she was eight, and worked across the nonprofit, for profit and government sectors. Her passion for preparing the next generation to succeed has been a consistent theme. 

Mission and Core Values

The mission of Pizza Money Camp is to raise the next generation of money-smart kids through education, training, and family engagement. Core values include public service, protection environmental and social justice, and paying it forward. We value life-long learning, creativity, and the freedom of expression. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Pizza Money represents all that we love about pizza and money put together. Like pizzas, money comes in all shapes and sizes.We can make it our own by choosing different types, and it feeds us. It appeals to all age groups and can be shared. "Do we have pizza money?" This common refrain in dorms and homes rings true for many. My mission is to make sure we do.    

Pizza Money is for kids and adults to learn about and explore their relationship to money. It is a resource for information, community, and shared learning.  

I am not a financial expert such as an accountant or financial planner. Rather, my training as a money coach is similar to that of a financial therapist. I help people focus on what they want from money and to address the obstacles that get in the way. In fact, there is a lot about money I still don't understand! This is one reason for creating Pizza Money. We encourage curiosity and transparency over judgement and shame.

A money coach helps people look at their relationship to money in regards to behaviors, beliefs and emotions. She supports and guides them in their pursuit of change or actions designed to achieve desired results. In my training as a money coach, I have learned about the dark side of money such as shame, guilt, fear that can lead to unhealthy behaviors. I have also learned how people can overcome challenges and find peace with money, both in practice and in spirit. For many, this work can be one of the best investments one can make for oneself, a family and for generations.

We encourage schools use Pizza Money Camp activities as a learning resource. Options are to purchase as stand alone activities or units focused around earning, spending, saving or giving or to enroll students in Pizza Money Camp a cohesive program with support from financial educators. Online delivery is available through the SeeSaw platform used by schools nationwide. Those interested in buying bulk are encouraged to contact us directly.

Yes! I enjoy speaking to groups large and small. I was a member of Toastmasters for five years and believe in the power of connecting as a way of learning. Popular topics include "How Our Money Mindset Drives Results" and "3 Secrets to Raising Money-Smart Kids." Contact me through the contact form.

My business model is set up to reach as many individuals as possible whether it is through coaching, training, speaking or creating learning experiences. Engagements wit businesses are on a case-by-case basis. Reach out via the contact link. 

The first Pizza Money Camp is for 9-11 year olds though future Camps are planned for other ages. Let us know what you want and need in the community.

Why wouldn't you want to have a more positive relationship to money?

Ready for a positive relationship to money?

Programs start on a weekly basis and have a set weekly schedule designed to fit the needs of the participants. Coaching is conducted virtually. Pricing options include one-one-one coaching or groups with breaks for couples and families, and for those in financial need.