3 Secrets to Raising Money-Smart Kids

3 Secrets to Raising Money-Smart Kids.
Schedule coming out in October 2021.

Hint. It's not about numbers. 

We get it...

➡️ You need at least one good answer when you're asked, "why can't I buy...?"
➡️ You and your partner have different opinions about kids and money.  
➡️ You want your kid(s) to know about money but not be too focused on it.  
➡️ You do more of "do as I say, not as I do" when it comes to spending money.  
➡️ You worry your kids will be spoiled and have no sense of how to manage money well.
➡️ You're confused about what to teach at what age and what matters. 

Parenting is hard enough. Throw money in the mix and many of us are struggling to make it all work. 

This webinar led by life and money coach Cindy Morgan-Jaffe teaches a basic framework for raising money-smart kids starting with our relationship to money. Cindy is a mom of five and brings over 30 years of experience as an educator, trainer and coach. 

Parenting and money.

We're lucky if we have good role models. Otherwise, there is no playbook for "doing this right." Throw money in the mix, along with lack of financial education, a culture that thinks the American Dream is still possible for most of us, and a financial system that leaves many of us in debt -- it's a recipe for stress and overwhelm.

What we do now.

Most of us shut down or bow our heads in shame or overwhelm. Money is stressful, mostly because we don't know how to manage it or leave it to someone else. Even if we have money, we may be not modeling smart money habits for our kids.

Our options.

Imagine feeling more in charge of your earning, spending, saving, and giving. Imagine money dates with your partner or yourself where you love your money and take action to care for it. Imagine you've overcome your money saboteurs trust your self-worth is not defined by your net-worth.